The second story about America’s power spot is Sedona in Northern Arizona.

If Mount Shasta is compared to the energy of water akin to the suppleness of a woman, Sedona is the energy of Earth so it feels like the strong energy of a man.

I have a more masculine personality so I like Sedona more than Mount Shasta.

I feel like there are fewer opportunities to see UFOs now that the town has prospered and the number of tourists have increased, but 20 years ago, I was able to see many UFOs here.

In Sedona, there are 4 famous vortexes, where energy swirls out.

These 4 vortexes were chosen to be promoted to the public by the Native Indians and Sedona’s tourism board, but there are more vortexes.

A Native American acquaintance of mine took me to a few energy spots only known to him.

These spots are located in a vast area, so it is almost impossible to go without a guide.  Because only a few people have been there, the ground’s energy felt very primitive.

By the way, just as Feng Shui has the 5 Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) Sedona’s 5 districts themselves can be applied to those 5 Elements as well.  However, the direction of earth and gold are opposite.

Meanwhile, rather than expressing in words, American Indians conduct celebratory dances showing their gratitude to heaven, to mother Earth, and to the 4 directions of east, west, south and north with these dances.

By way of the 5 Elements and the idea of harmony between people and nature, we can see the essence of Feng Shui in the Native American lifestyle.

By living in harmony with nature, through their lifestyle and culture, you can feel their outlook of the universe.

Perhaps that is Feng Shui.