What is important in Feng Shui is to really understand the basic principles. If the foundation of a house is negligent, what is built on top can become unstable as well.

The same principle applies to sports.  With strong basic training, skills can be improved.

In general, this thinking can be applied to studying as well, but in Feng Shui, there are fundamentals such as the Principles of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and the Eight Trigrams, and only when these principles are fully understood, one can move on to apply the concepts.

The idea of “energy” exists in this basic principle. This “energy” cannot be seen, heard, smelled or touched.  However, you can feel this.  In Feng Shui, it is most important to feel this.  This is like sharpening all five senses and reacting to, or understanding such stimuli, with your entire body.

As you continue your assessment, you will become more sensitive to whether or not the “energy” of a place is good or bad.

Well, my preliminary remarks became long, but today, I would like to introduce you to one of two places in North America with a very good “energy”.

One is in Sedona, Arizona and the other is Mount Shasta in Northern California.  These places are called power spots so perhaps you have heard about them as well.  For both, I feel strong energy. For me, I feel like Sedona has the power of Earth and Mount Shasta has the power of Water.

Mount Shasta is a small village with less than 4000 people.  It is not developed as a tourist area and does not have the showiness of such a place.  You will see a peaceful scenery and this is a very good place for people who would like to spend some slow, quiet time with nature.

Famous for its twin peaks, Mount Shasta stands at 4,317 meter tall and is a dormant volcano. This is also considered to be one of 7 sacred mountains around the world, and from ancient times, it has been a sacred site for Native Americans, treated with great care.

The twin peaks are called Shasta and Shastana, and because these peaks are regarded as man and woman, it is said that this is a place where the energies of Yin and Yang meet.

Covered in perpetual snow and with symmetrical slopes, this mountain reminds me of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Since it snows a lot, there are many rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, and there are many famous places such as Burney Falls, Castle Lake, Heart Lake, which is famous for its heart shape, and Mossbrae Falls.

Actually, to get to Mossbrae Falls, you would have to follow and walk on the train tracks. This track is said to be used in one of the scenes from the movie, “Stand By Me”.  At any rate, this is a single track, and on one side is the mountain slope and the other, a river flows. If a long freight train comes, you would have to patiently wait in a very narrow place next to the track on the side of the river until it passes.

Walking on the track, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the fall but even the entrance seems to refuse people as it is in an out-of-the-way, secluded place with no signage, making it feel like some sort of a hideout.

I went without a map, asking locals for directions.  As a woman traveling alone, I was apprehensive, but luckily, I managed to arrive at my destination. This was a remote area with nobody in sight. The fall actually had a gentle, quiet flow and was a very serene, pleasant place.

Perhaps because of an accident or something, I heard that now, it is forbidden to walk on the train tracks.


Mossbrae Falls has finally become a legendary fall that cannot be reached anymore.